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Fishing flotilla demands "leave the EU"

15 June 2016

Tower Bridge opened up this morning for over 50 vessels from the fishing industry as they sailed the Thames to Parliament to voice their demand to leave the European Union.

Desperate Greens spread TTIP fantasy

14 June 2016

While US and EU leaders call for accelerated talks on TTIP, some Green politicians are seeking to deny that a Leave vote is the surest way to defeat the planned treaty.

'Trusted' Khan breaks key election pledge

10 June 2016

A poll found London Mayor Sadiq Khan trusted to make accurate claims about the EU than any other politician. That may change now he has broken his election pledge to freeze fares.

NATO’s Polish war games

9 June 2016

In a blatant show of aggression on the Russian border, NATO and friends are staging in Poland what are described as the largest military exercises in decades.