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Everything we produce is written by workers, and for workers. You can ask to be put in touch by e-mail or by phone/text on 07308 979308.

Workers Magazine

The Party's journal, with a history dating back to 1968. News, views, analysis, features — indispensable reading.

Current Leaflets

You are welcome to download our leaflets and distribute them either electronically or as paper copies.

Build a Britain Fit for the Young

What kind of system turns its back on the young? Only one where the short term reigns, where planning for future generations is an unaffordable luxury. That is capitalism at the start of the 21st century. Download a copy here.

Unity, Not Separatism

Once again the SNP is calling for a second referendum on Scottish “independence”. But there can be no independence within the EU – an issue explored in a this leaflet from the CPBML. Download a copy here.

Seize Control! Brexit 2019

No ifs, no buts. No trumped up deals either. A clean break with the EU gives us a wonderful opportunity to seize the control we need to decide our own future. But beware of those planning a parliamentary coup. Read it, share it with your friends and workmates. Download a copy here.

Current pamphlets

A fuller list of material can be obtained from CPBML PUBLICATIONS 78 Seymour Avenue, London N17 9EB. Prices include postage. Please make all cheques payable to “Workers”. See also our list of key documents including other pamphlets.

Brexit: let’s get on with it!

A free CPBML pamphlet, published in September 2018, outlining the principles that can get Brexit back on track. Read more>

You might also like to look at our two earlier Brexit pamphlets: Out of the EU!, published in March 2016, and Take control!, published in January 2018.

Republished pamphlets

Unity Not Devolution (PDF version)

This CPBML pamphlet from 1977 has stood the test of time as an analysis of devolution and its threat to the future of the British working class.

The pamphlet shows how that false idea goes hand in hand with European integration. The UK had joined the EEC, forerunner of the EU, just five years earlier.

Those twin attacks on the unity of our class are still with us. Click here to read online…