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Everything we produce is written by workers, and for workers. You can ask to be put in touch by e-mail or by phone/fax on 020 8801 9543.

Workers Magazine

The Party's journal, with a history dating back to 1968. News, views, analysis, features — indispensable reading.

Current Leaflets

You are welcome to download our leaflets and distribute them either electronically or as paper copies.

Brexit: Get on, get out

A new leaflet from the CPBML calling for all those who respect the result of the referendum to leave the EU to come together to force the government to implement it. Read it, share it with your friends and workmates. Download a copy here.

Current pamphlets

A fuller list of material can be obtained from CPBML PUBLICATIONS 78 Seymour Avenue, London N17 9EB. Prices include postage. Please make all cheques payable to “Workers”. See also our list of key documents including other pamphlets.

Out of the EU!

The free CPBML pamphlet outlining why Britain had to vote Leave in the June referendum. Read more>