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NHS plan: still not fit

15 January 2019

The government's NHS Long Term Plan for England on 7 January. This includes significant spending and opportunities to improve the service. But there are also critical weaknesses for NHS workers to deal with.

A coup against democracy

13 January 2019

As the delayed vote on Theresa May’s “withdrawal” agreement approaches, it has become increasingly obvious that parliament is planning a coup. 

Bridge repair backlog soars to £6.7 billion.

13 January 2019

The maintenance backlog for council-owned road bridges in Britain increased by a third in the past year, with billions needed to bring all structures up to standard.

Car jobs on the line

13 January 2019

The loss of jobs in the car industry is blamed on Brexit; that’s not the case. To think that the EU or May’s deal is any answer will disarm the fight to maintain and build the industry.

People smuggling and profit

6 January 2019

People smuggling across the Channel is increasing. Tiny dinghies crossing busy shipping put lives at risk. It’s lucrative – crime bosses saying that it is more profitable than smuggling drugs.

Bus journeys fall

6 January 2019

Long the “Cinderella” of transport services, local bus services, especially in rural areas, are seeing deep and damaging cuts.