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Get on, get out

24 October 2016

The British people made a declaration of independence. Now we have to get the independence we voted for.

Defence begins at home

24 October 2016

Who cares if Russia sails its only aircraft carrier through the English Channel (or La Manche if you sit on the other coast)?

No trade deal for EU and Canada

24 October 2016

Belgium cannot sign the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, the EU’s proposed trade deal with Canada because of opposition from local elected bodies. That may block the whole deal.


Southern rail: ASLEF to ballot over safety

24 October 2016

The government wants massive cuts to staffing on Britain’s railways regardless of safety. ASLEF is to ballot train drivers in Southern rail against that threat, joining RMT guards in their increasingly bitter dispute.

Unison: no movement on pay claim

24 October 2016

Unison’s go-it-alone stance on local government pay has hit the buffers. Its additional pay claim for 2017-18 is not supported by other unions. Employers have refused the claim. New thinking is needed by workers to make progress.

Euro a 'house of cards'

24 October 2016

The economic troubles of the EU will not go away, despite the sustained denials by politicians, echoed by some here in Britain. One expert tells a different story, explaining that struggling through crisises cannot go on endlessly.

Cuban organisation beats Hurricane Matthew

20 October 2016

Hurricane Matthew reduced a Cuban coastal town to rubble. Yet not one person there lost their life – a testament to the power of organisation and class mobilisation.

Anti-Russia sanctions cost Europe dear

18 October 2016

European countries are extending sanctions against Russia because of the secession of Crimea from Ukraine. This belligerence is causing difficulties in Europe and Britain as well as for Russia.

Generation reverse

3 October 2016

Real wages in Britain have fallen by more than 10 per cent in the last ten years according to government figures. The current generation of new workers will be the first since records began to earn less than their parents.