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Only one option

22 October 2019

Brexit undecided. All options are in the air. But for the people of Britain, those who live and work here, there is only one that works – no deal.

No good guarantees from the EU

22 October 2019

We can sit back and trust any state dedicated to the pursuit of profit to guarantee our rights at work and in the environment – least of all the would-be superstate the EU.

Brexiteers commemorate Peterloo

22 October 2019

Protestersmarked the bicentenary of the Peterloo Massacre with a marchin Manchester on 19 October calling for democracy to be upheld and the EU referendum result implemented.

Rail nationalisation ruled out

16 October 2019

The government is to publish a White Paper to implement the findings of the review of the rail industry led by Keith Williams – ruling out further public ownership.

Top uni salaries soar while debts grow

14 October 2019

With universities short of money, more than 4,400 senior staff were paid over £100,000 a year in 2017-8, up more than 10 per cent on the previous year’s tally. 

Independence and trade

10 October 2019

What’s so good about free trade agreements? They make the rich richer, workers poorer, and they rob countries of the ability to plan…

Future growth for Britain

3 October 2019

A new study from a French bank predicts a science and technology boom in Brtain over the next two decades. Unlike many reports into Brexit, it looks at the long term and predicts a positive future.