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This section contains news and views about the fight to preserve the unity of Britain in the face of separatist attempts to split off Scotland and Wales, and EU-inspired bids to divide England with federalist regionalism. You can also follow links to key sources of information. Please email us with information about meetings or useful links.


Opposing wind power dogma in Wales

10 April 2024

The devolved government in Wales continues to approve ever larger wind turbines despite objections in pursuit of its dogmatic net zero path. But there is opposition.

Doctors in Wales strike for pay

27 March 2024

Pay for doctors in Wales is not resolved. They are striking again against the derisory offer from the devolved government, not accepting its plea that is all it can afford.

Scottish farmers make gains

21 February 2024

Scottish farmers have won a significant victory in their struggle for survival. They have secured continuing support for food production, halting the move to environmental payments.

Scottish Water workers fighting for pay

13 November 2023

Scottish Water workers are striking against regrading and lower pay. Yet the publicly-owned company makes large payments to executives and like others in the industry presides over increased sewage pollution.

Making people vote in Wales

11 July 2023

Turnout for Senedd Cymru elections is low. Welsh politicians are seeking compulsory voting instead of asking themselves why voters don't bother.

Devolution dividing Britain

25 January 2023

The government’s drive to divide Britain is gathering pace with a devolution deal for the North East of England, and the second round of “levelling up” funding for councils across the country.

Starmer’s speech – the opposite of taking control

12 January 2023

The Labour Party has made its pitch to win the next general election, due in two years’ time at the latest – by stealing the Conservative party’s slogan for the 2016 referendum and 2019 election, Take Back Control, and reinterpreting it.