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About us

The Communist Party of Britain Marxist Leninist was founded in 1968. We are rooted in those who labour in Britain by hand and brain. Our roots go back to the early days of Britain’s industrial Revolution, if not before.  We are beholden to no one in Britain except the British working class, and to no one abroad except in fraternal solidarity with workers and peasants, be they in power or struggling for power.

The Party’s programme is The British Working Class and its Party. Our thinking is reflected in our Congress documents, published regularly since 1968. There are two classes in Britain: the working class and the capitalist class. We are for the victory of workers at home and abroad and for the absolute rout of Capitalism, in all its variants at home and abroad.

All our members are thinkers, doers and leaders. We are firmly rooted in our workplaces, trade unions and the working class structures which arise from them. The Party’s interests are those of the working class, not above, not hectoring, not separate, but part of and from the working class.

The Party is rooted in Marxist-Leninist ideology, in its study, in its practice to bring about the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat in Britain.

We are for an independent, self-sufficient, self-reliant Britain solely dedicated to the interests of the British working class.


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