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Scottish farmers make gains

21 February 2024

Scottish farmers have won a significant victory in their struggle for survival. They have secured continuing support for food production, halting the move to environmental payments.

Pay victories across Britain

21 February 2024

Workers in many sectors have secured more pay through successful disputes. But the next round of claims will see employers try to regain some ground.

Britain’s population set to increase sharply

2 February 2024

The Office of National Statistics predicts that the UK population will rise to over 73 million by 2036, an increase of 10 per cent over 2021. This will be overwhelmingly due to immigration.

Fighting for the English National Opera’s future

31 January 2024

ENO artists have suspended strike action in their pay and jobs dispute, pending further talks. But that’s only one step in their fight for the future of the company, which is being forced to move out of London in the name of “levelling up”.

Maintain the integrity of Royal Mail and Britain

31 January 2024

A recent Ofcom report sets out the poor state of privatised Royal Mail and spells trouble for the future of an integrated postal network. The post workers’ union has strongly criticised this, but industry and the wider public need to take up the cause.

Tube workers’ pay victory

31 January 2024

London Tube workers have won a pay victory after the threat of strike action in early January. This came after the Mayor for London announced extra funding at the last minute.

Train drivers fight on for pay

25 January 2024

Train drivers continue their fight for pay and conditions with a round of strikes. Train operating companies, backed by the government, are not even negotiating. One company trying to use new minimum service level laws quickly climbed down.