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New factory to produce electric taxis

21 April 2017

The London Taxi Company is aiming to produce 5,000 electric vehicles a year by 2019 at the first new car factory in Britain for more than a decade.

Bristol -- time to get shipshape

21 April 2017

With independence from the EU in sight, Britain itself is far from "shipshape and Bristol fashion" – and Bristol itself is a prime example of this.

Minimum wage? For millions it's a maximum

10 April 2017

With a rise in the minimum wage coming into effect on 1 April, the Low Pay Commission has published its analysis of the impact of the National Minimum Wage introduced by the Treasury in 2016.

Legal attack on injury claims

10 April 2017

The government is now changing the rules for compensation for injury by the sleight of hand of increasing the small claims court limits.

Who says we're post industrial?

19 March 2017

A Westminster meeting showed that throwing off the shackles of the EU has created an exhilarating climate in which all kinds of people are re-imagining an industrial Britain.

Vauxhall: smoke and mirrors

17 March 2017

Those who still resist Britain’s departure from the EU are deliberately misrepresenting the decision by car maker Groupe PSA to take over the General Motors Vauxhall and Opel car plants at Luton and Ellesmere Port.