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Reject the election trap, prepare for struggle!

24 May 2024

Workers looking for change will not find it from the general election. Whatever the result, the tasks for our class will be the same. Workers are the only force for progress: accept that challenge and prepare to fight for it.

Middle East: keep Britain out of war!

22 April 2024

Escalating military action in the Middle East threatens a wider war. What can workers in Britain do about it? We need to be united and to assert Britain’s interests, which are not to be involved in foreign wars.

Bringing it back home

9 April 2024

On the 75th anniversary of NATO, Britain should call time on that aggressive military organisation. We need above all to look at what our country needs – and it’s not a war abroad.

What is Internationalism?

18 March 2023

Control over borders is the best way for a country to develop its economy and benefit its people. Such self-determination and independence serve the cause of workers everywhere.

Keep the EU out of Britain – and Ireland too!

10 March 2023

At the end of February the goverment announced a provisional agreement (the Windsor Framework) with the EU to resolve difficulties with the Northern Ireland Protocol. Rishi Sunak claims this will “take back control” of Northern Ireland. It won’t.

Arms escalation in Ukraine no road to peace

9 February 2023

Ukrainian President Zelensky is stepping up efforts to further involve Britain and NATO countries in his war against Russia by pleading for more arms. This makes escalation of the conflict more likely.

Starmer’s speech – the opposite of taking control

12 January 2023

The Labour Party has made its pitch to win the next general election, due in two years’ time at the latest – by stealing the Conservative party’s slogan for the 2016 referendum and 2019 election, Take Back Control, and reinterpreting it.

No going back!

21 November 2022

This government is toying with reversing the referendum vote to leave the European Union. That will get as far as it thinks the people will allow it to go.