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Junior doctors to strike before election

30 May 2024

The junior doctors’ long-running pay dispute is still not resolved. In the absence of a credible offer they are returning to strike action ahead of the general election.

Union says no to a ban on oil exploration

30 May 2024

The Unite trade union has launched a major campaign against a ban on oil and gas exploration in the North Sea. It says a transition in energy supply should not sacrifice energy security and workers’ jobs for net zero targets.

Steel – fight for Port Talbot jobs

30 May 2024

The fight for the future of Britain’s steel industry is focused on Port Talbot. Workers are threatening to strike over Tata’s rejection of their alternative plans to retain jobs and integrated production.

Reject the election trap, prepare for struggle!

24 May 2024

Workers looking for change will not find it from the general election. Whatever the result, the tasks for our class will be the same. Workers are the only force for progress: accept that challenge and prepare to fight for it.