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Chips are essential

20 October 2023

Semiconductor chip technology is essential to modern industrial production, and a British firm's designs lead the world, but processors are becoming pawns in a US-China trade war. 

HS2 sabotage hits train manufacture

2 October 2023

The government is planning further cuts to the HS2 rail project. This sabotage puts engineering jobs at risk as well as undermining the transport benefits.

Blow to renewable energy policy

28 September 2023

The government’s approach to future energy supply depends heavily on wind power, dedicated as it is to net zero aims. But it’s as much off course with wind as it is with nuclear energy.

Campaign for the future of steel

28 September 2023

Unite has launched a campaign to highlight the decline in Britain’s steel industry, with a plan for its future, including the demand that public contracts are obliged to use British steel.

Net zero – wider discussion needed

25 September 2023

Rishi Sunak has postponed the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles and gas boilers. This is welcome but only a first step in challenging net zero orthodoxy.

Doctors continue pay strike

20 September 2023

Junior doctors struck from 20 to 22 September, with more strikes planned for 2 to 4 October, and a national rally outside the Conservative party conference in Manchester on 3 October. Hospital consultants will also strike on 20 September and on the October dates.

Libya – chaos and tragedy

19 September 2023

The chaotic situation in Libya has contributed to the tragically huge death toll from recent floods. This has its origins in the 2011 NATO-led military intervention.

Youth services are out of service

12 September 2023

Youth clubs are under threat – to an even greater extent than many other services. This year’s Mercury Prize provided a reminder of their value.

Research – Horizon giveaway

9 September 2023

A long-delayed deal with the EU to allow British scientists to take part in the Horizon research programme is weighted against Britain’s interests.

Keep US nuclear bombs out of Britain!

8 September 2023

There have been no US nuclear bombs in Britain since 2008, but there’s a possibility they will return. The bombs were removed from Lakenheath, the US air base in Suffolk, after a persistent and concerted campaign of action against their presence here.

University strikes resume

24 August 2023

University academic staff will resume strike action in their pay and conditions disputes before the end of September unless employers agree to return to negotiations.

Teachers’ resounding victory

21 August 2023

The conclusion of the current teachers’ pay dispute has seen a resounding victory for schools in England and the unions involved, and has secured their biggest single pay rise in 30 years.

Bristol rail success

21 August 2023

Sustained campaigning has revived a Bristol rail line. The first of several new stations opened in July.

Stubborn inflation

21 August 2023

The rise in the consumer prices index in the year to July was a little lower than June – but prices are still rising faster than they have done for years.