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British workers: Unity not division

Friday 1 May, 7.30 pm
Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1 4RL

Celebrate May Day in London with the CPBML

Capitalism never gives up in its drive to defeat the working class today and render it incapable of winning in the future. 

Ensuring its profits is all that matters to the ruling class – even if that means signing us up to destructive treaties like the EU’s TTIP or dragging us into its imperialist wars.

The British working class has been a thorn in the side of capitalism ever since it came into being. Hence the attempt by capitalism to divide and rule. 

Even when we score a notable victory – such as the vote of Scottish workers to remain part of the British working class – the enemy immediately tries to regain the upper hand.  

Our greatest strength is our unity in struggle – but that requires a clarity of thought which is not always evident.

Those in the labour movement who emphasise differences between workers – religion, north/south, male/female, “race” or skin colour, “well-paid” vs “vulnerable workers” and so on and on – reject the essential common class interest of all workers in Britain.

We are all exploited by capitalism for the creation of profit. Any attempt to divide us helps our enemy. This May Day, say no to capitalist-inspired division, yes to working-class unity. 

Down with separatism, down with the EU, no to imperialism. Workers of all lands, unite

Speakers, social and refreshments. All welcome.