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EU referendum now!

It is time for a referendum on the European Union. Nobody in Britain under the age of 56 has had a vote on membership of the EU or of its predecessor, the EEC. The Parliamentary parties have often promised a referendum but have always broken their promises, because they represent capitalism and capitalists are afraid to hear the views of the working class.

The EU is the rule of finance capital. It is foreign rule. It is the enemy of Britain’s survival. Yet Parliament has always voted it more and more powers, without ever asking us. It’s time that the British working class put an end to Parliament’s betrayal of Britain.

We the people must stop all the delays, all the lies of reform and renegotiation. We must demand the vote, to express the will of the people in a referendum with one simple question, whether to stay or leave. Democracy means that we take our own decisions, that we take responsibility.

It’s time we focused on the job of rebuilding Britain. Britain can be an independent country outside the EU, forging relations with other countries both in Europe and in the wider world. This is impossible within the EU.

EU referendum now!