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Europe's workers in call for repeal of EU treaties

24 June 2018

The European Commission, Brussels. Photo Workers.

A conference in Paris in May that brought together workers from across Europe has called for the repeal of all EU treaties and directives. “This Europe is not our Europe,” they said. “It is the Europe of capital and war.” 

The statement issued at the end of the conference pointed to war “being waged by the governments of the big powers and by the European Commission.” It also noted the EU’s role in demolishing equal rights and the gains of working women, as well as its opposition to democracy and self-determination.

And when it comes to workers’ rights in general, it says that “nobody can deny that in every country of the European Union […] every single right has been put into question one after the other, in the name of the sacrosanct ‘free and undistorted competition’ of the European treaties…”

The organisers are planning a large international rally in Strasbourg in April 2019 to give a platform to all who want to advance the cause of a workers’ Europe, and have set up a European Liaison Committee to exchange information among themselves.