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Is Google being ironic?

30 November 2014

Google’s special logo, with the train number 4472 an allusion to the famous Flying Scotsman locomotive, which bore that number. Flying towards foreign control, under the direction of Scotland’s so-called nationalists.

Today is St Andrew’s Day, and in celebration Google has a new logo: a speeding train with the Scottish Saltire on the side. Perhaps the irony of Scottish “independence” is not lost on the giant US technology company – given that one of the first acts of the Scottish government following the SNP’s failure to win the referendum on breaking up Britain was to award the contract for ScotRail to Abellio, which is a subsidiary of the Dutch state railway company NS.

That decision was welcomed by Abellio’s Dutch CEO in the following way: “This is a huge day for Abellio and indeed the Netherlands which has such a rich history of commercial and cultural trade with Scotland. Abellio is delighted and incredibly excited to have been given this opportunity to manage Scotland’s national rail network.”

And Abellio has indeed been expressing its gratitude to the people of Dundee by announcing on this month that the city’s commuter stations would not get their hoped-for hourly service.