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A plan to house the people

  • Produce trustworthy statistics to establish real housing demand in relation to existing supply of housing and convertible buildings, and undeveloped brownfield sites in towns and cities.
  • Expand the economy through manufacture and trade to support expenditure on housing, prioritising existing buildings, impossible within EU restrictions.
  • Private developers have no interest in homes for workers – government must borrow to build them. Leave the single market and reject the EU’s Court of Justice rules so that government can borrow.
  • Stop selling off the land, plan for its use.
  • Build more, better, low-cost local authority and housing-association homes for rent by British workers, such as homes for nurses on NHS land. 
  • Prioritise building on brownfield sites
  • Protect farmland and the countryside from developers
  • Control immigration to reduce pressure on housing authorities.
  • Build for revived industrial and fishing communities.
  • Distribute jobs and housing away from London to maximise opportunities for the whole of Britain.
  • Upgrade transport and digital – broadband – to attract enterprises out of London.
  • Manage and maintain properly the homes we have. No more arms-length management cop-outs.
  • Keep people in their homes, with right of return if maintenance works require them to be decanted. 
  • Regenerate only with the consent of local people, for local people.
  • Stop selling off London and our big cities to the highest foreign bidder. Instead tax unoccupied housing to encourage sales and lower price.
  • Protect local businesses and workplaces from being demolished by housing developers.
  • No to sheds and prefabs for homes.

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