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Scotland’s false flag

The Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh – flying not just the UK and Scottish flags but also that of the European Union.

The 18 September referendum is all about stopping the move for Britain’s independence from the EU...

The Scottish referendum is a false flag operation. It is an attempt to turn the growing desire in Britain to be an independent country into its opposite, for Britain to be partitioned instead.

There are numerous historic instances of partition being used as a political device to head off growing national movements. If they didn’t invent the idea of divide and rule, the British ruling class  certainly perfected it in the division of countries such as India (Pakistan), Cyprus, Malaya (Singapore) and of course in Ireland.

The new twist is that in Britain today they are trying to give up sovereignty over Britain itself and hand it over to the EU. It’s Scotland for starters and the remainder to follow – an irony often missed by many on the “left”, who delude themselves into thinking the SNP is fighting British Imperialism and the State (oh, how we laugh).


Given the level of confusion, it’s as well to be clear on what is meant by Britain. When Workers talks of Britain we mean the British Isles excluding Ireland. We British workers always cast our borders in this manner. This is the only land in the world that we as a working class lay claim to. The division of Ireland and the British government’s claims to sovereignty over such far-flung territories as Gibraltar and the Falklands solely reflect the interests of the ruling class.

Pittenweem, Fife: Scotland’s fisheries have been annihilated by the European Union. Photo Workers.

Ask Salmond and his covert Westminster sponsors whether they want an independent Britain and you soon see how fake these people are in practice. Any “bit-by-bit gradualists” who believe that Scotland breaking away is a step towards British independence  or even towards socialism, are simply befuddled. Who on earth in the labour movement would want to weaken British workers at a time like this – that is apart from those who  try to present political cowardice as somehow progressive, and the economic illiterates who originally wanted to join the euro? It is political and economic emasculation that is on offer by the SNP and its covert Westminster supporters. Why else would these specimens be offering a referendum in the first place?

What the Westminster and Holyrood parliaments have in common is that neither wants Britain to be an independent country. Not gradually, not ever. It is this shared outlook that unites them in their desire to divert.

Their joint exercise in contriving a spoiler Scottish “independence” referendum is a political attempt to undermine the coherent desire of workers for true independence throughout Britain. The idea of British independence makes the toes curl of those that govern. The last thing they want is to face a united country and be seen as culpable for the mess they have created with their destructive policies over the years.

They know full well their economic disaster hasn’t gone away. Although there are huge social tensions at present it is only going to get much worse. What both Salmond and Cameron fear politically is an integrated working class. So in their view it is better, one way or the other, to try to break us up into harmless regional tribes.

‘As well as fomenting political division, regionalism is a device to break up our national utilities and services.’ 

It has become obvious that as well as fomenting political division, regionalism is also a device to break up our national utilities and services. From energy to water to railways, all are now owned by cartels hiding behind facades such as Northumbrian Water, actually owned by Cheung Kong Infrastructure Ltd. What’s regional about Thames Water in London being owned by Macquarie Bank of Australia, or Scottish Power being owned by Iberdrola of Spain?

In the absence of a national economic plan, those who advocate regionalism are simply involved in promoting a delusion. On the one hand they introduce backward political division and on the other they enable sources of national wealth to be broken up into bite size chunks to be acquired and bled white by private monopoly.

 It’s not just utilities but also food, commerce and relatively new activities that get meekly handed over. For example, two-thirds of Scotland’s farmed salmon production is now owned by Norwegian companies. Of course, our offshore fishing grounds were handed to the EU with devastating effect some time ago.


The EU’s pretence of having nothing to do with the Scottish referendum is nonsense. Its fingerprints are dabbed all over Scotland’s fake independence menu. In fact Salmond’s underlying intent is entirely in keeping with the EU heritage of conniving in the partition and euro occupation of a country.

What defines Britain, and defines the workers of Britain, is nation. Welded together in the industrial revolution, British workers invented trade unions and led a fight for survival, literally. They forced reductions in the working week and pushed up pensions payable at a younger retirement age.

After 1945, workers forced the creation of the National Health Service, now a central part of our national culture (and therefore a prime target for attack).The values of Britain are embedded in collectivism, not those of the tourist guidebooks or right-wing dreamers. The English are not defined by Morris dancers or warm beer on summer afternoons, any more than tartan and haggis define being Scottish.

Nations and the protection they provide through borders allow indigenous industries and commerce to grow and develop. Where in classical economics do you read that for a country to industrialise, it is first necessary for it to give up its national borders or to be divided into regions?

That notion has been nurtured by those “modern-day thinkers” who hate the idea of British jobs for British workers. They conceal their hatred by implying that competition and globalisation can only be managed if we workers run backwards.

The first thing in order to get us out of this mess is for Scotland to vote No to partition in September. Let’s do something positive and start thinking as a country. From Land’s End to John o’ Groats – Rebuild Britain.

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