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Pay and conditions

Pay and conditions

Migration: more visas issued to stay in Britain

29 March 2024

Most immigration to Britain is by legal routes, the result of long term government policy. The number of visas continues to rise, which will contribute to a rapid rise in Britain’s population.

Two years on – still fighting P&O sackings

27 March 2024

Protests continue against the notorious P&O Ferries sackings two years ago. Unions are calling for changes to prevent any repeat, but the government isn’t taking effective action.

Pay victories across Britain

21 February 2024

Workers in many sectors have secured more pay through successful disputes. But the next round of claims will see employers try to regain some ground.

Fighting for the English National Opera’s future

31 January 2024

ENO artists have suspended strike action in their pay and jobs dispute, pending further talks. But that’s only one step in their fight for the future of the company, which is being forced to move out of London in the name of “levelling up”.

Train drivers fight on for pay

25 January 2024

Train drivers continue their fight for pay and conditions with a round of strikes. Train operating companies, backed by the government, are not even negotiating. One company trying to use new minimum service level laws quickly climbed down.

Fighting for workers’ rights at Amazon

19 November 2023

Amazon workers in Britian continue their fight for better pay and conditions as well as trade union recognition. It’s a long fight against the world’s largest retail company, everywhere hostile to workers.

RMT forces climb down by government [updated]

13 November 2023

Determined action by RMT rail union members has forced the government to make a new offer through the train operating companies to settle their long-running pay and conditions dispute.

Scottish Water workers fighting for pay

13 November 2023

Scottish Water workers are striking against regrading and lower pay. Yet the publicly-owned company makes large payments to executives and like others in the industry presides over increased sewage pollution.

Critical period for UCU members

24 September 2023

Members of the Universities and Colleges Union face difficult choices in continuing their action on pay and conditions in the face of employer resistance.

Doctors continue pay strike

20 September 2023

Junior doctors struck from 20 to 22 September, with more strikes planned for 2 to 4 October, and a national rally outside the Conservative party conference in Manchester on 3 October. Hospital consultants will also strike on 20 September and on the October dates.

University strikes resume

24 August 2023

University academic staff will resume strike action in their pay and conditions disputes before the end of September unless employers agree to return to negotiations.

Teachers’ resounding victory

21 August 2023

The conclusion of the current teachers’ pay dispute has seen a resounding victory for schools in England and the unions involved, and has secured their biggest single pay rise in 30 years.

Rail pay struggle continues

7 June 2023

RMT members working on trains and in stations across the country held another strike on Friday 2 June, the latest in their long-running pay dispute.

Royal Mail pay settled

25 April 2023

Postal delivery workers have settled their lengthy pay struggle. Their union, CWU, will put the agreement to members. Separately, Post Office counter workers have settled their own dispute.

Woolwich Ferry workers steam to big victory

30 March 2023

Workers on the Woolwich ferry services across the River Thames have won a hard-fought victory in a struggle which started with the now discredited Briggs Marine, and continued with Transport for London when it took over in January 2021.