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Carr Inquiry: Throwing in the towel

The Bruce Carr QC investigation into trade unions following the Grangemouth Oil Refinery dispute in 2013 has flopped. The review was an attempt to make further anti-trade union legislation an election cause célèbre.

Carr has now concluded that in the “progressively politicised environment in the run up to the general election… I have reached the conclusion that it will simply not be possible for the review…to provide a sound basis for making recommendations.”

In other words, since the government trailed its desire to introduce further anti-union legislation the esteemed QC, unable to provide an evidence-based argument as opposed to a politicised summary, has thrown the towel in.

His report will now appear, slimmed down, in autumn 2015, after the general election. Those who want to promote further attacks on the unions are not going to be able to hide behind a QC’s wig and gown.