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The choice is yours

27 December 2020

Felixstowe Docks, November 2020. Photo Workers.

On Boxing Day, chief Brexit negotiator David Frost spoke of national renewal and said: “All choices are in our hands as a country and it’s now up to us to decide how we use them and how we go forward in the future.”

There’s our challenge, and we hope that Workers readers are ready for this. If we don’t speak and act now, then we fail to take responsibility for own future.

Legal experts are poring over the text of the trade agreement, and doubtless problems and challenges will emerge. Compromises have been made but Britain is now a sovereign country and  the people of this country do hold the future in their hands. 

What are your choices for Britain’s future?  Speak to your family, friends and workmates and see what they have to say and contribute. Share the priorities on social media. Tell your local radio station. Write to your local newspaper. Let us know at info@cpbml.org.uk  

There can be no excuses for inaction, for sitting back and allowing the political establishment to gather all control to itself. Workers must take control themselves.

There’s much that needs collective discussion, and collective enforcement of working class policies for real independence.