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Fighting fascism

It is a fact that the only force to defeat fascism is the organised working class. Sometimes in a particular country, as in Britain prior to the Second World War when Mosley was broken – the only country of Europe which saw off the internal fascist coup. Or internationally as in the Second World War, when the forces of progress epitomised in the Red Army cleared Europe and became the beacon for the rest of the world.

It is also a fact that the emotive misuse of the term results in anti-fascist forces chasing all sorts of diversions. Confusion around race and migration, around nationality and place, around phobias and alleged communities, around victims and being a victim, around patriotism and internationalism – all are introduced to fog and divert from concentrating on clear class understanding and analysis. All are introduced to divert energy and purpose into cul-de-sacs, wasted action and anything and everything but the real enemy – capitalism.

Fascism simply is when capitalism can no longer live with the working class and every weapon at capital’s disposal is used to destroy the working class. And every weapon at the disposal of the working class must therefore be deployed to defeat fascism, starting with dispensing with the state of mind which elects a Hitler or a Thatcher.

The internal contradictions in Britain and Europe which have brought the present state of affairs about should see us respond in kind – no more reform, no more sticking plasters, no more patching them up, no more social democratic views that capitalism is safe in their hands. Away with capitalism!

Real fascism is about how capital has used parliament to bring about a fundamental and they hope permanent shift in the balance of forces. Britain’s desperate ruling class huddle together with other dark EU figures to consolidate their power at our expense. These are the real politics of their ‘Final Solution’ – to finish us off as an organised working class.

The threat to the British working class does not come from far-right cretins. Put to one side the BNP and its creation based upon EU legislation, EU “rights” and EU money. Look carefully at the EU itself, nothing more than a fascist dream of Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and Mosley from the 1920s and 1930s: one unified capitalism, its sole purpose to defeat the working class and destroy the Soviet Union.

The EU model, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, is still to continue with that destruction of organised working class independence, thinking and organisation. That’s the real source of fascism now, of the assault on our civil liberties, and it is where our fight must be directed. Want to fight fascism? We halt fascism by changing our thinking. No more parliamentarian cop-outs. No more passing responsibility to someone else. Interested in these ideas?