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Fisheries workers call for control over British waters

21 March 2017

Part of the “Brexit flotilla” on the Thames in London, 15 June 2016. Photo Workers.

Control of our fisheries has been described as the acid test of Brexit, and those in the fishing community are determined that their voice will be heard. The campaign Fishing for Leave – set up by people in the fishing industry for the fishing industry – has launched a petition calling on the government to ensure that British fishing waters are returned to the UK post-Brexit – ffl.org.uk/please-sign-the-petition-to-regain-our-waters/

Fishing for Leave, the organisation which organised the fishing flotilla that sailed up the Thames to parliament during the referendum campaign, has also published a Brexit Textbook on Fisheries. It’s a comprehensive and detailed analysis of what needs to be done to ensure that our fishing industry can flourish again in an independent Britain. Copies of the 144-page document may be ordered direct from the campaign.