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Five foundations for independence

Britain will need strength, clarity and obduracy if it is to progress towards independence over the next two years. This cannot be left to politicians. The working class itself needs to take responsibility for control and integrity of our land, language, law, money and economy.

Control over our land and waters. Our borders are not forever closed as the doom merchants would have it, but we wish to control who comes in. We must control the size and composition of our population. It’s the national equivalent of contraception, it’s family planning.

If it’s in the national interest for someone to enter, it should be considered – whether a research scientist or seasonal agricultural worker in East Anglia – but it must be registered and controlled.

Britain must be able to defend itself against external threats. That means armed forces and weapons, including nuclear weapons. But our defensive capability must be independent.

Control over our currency and our finances. One of the first things any conquering empire does is impose a single currency on its subject states. We’ve always resisted this, but stood by as other controls were let go. The EU seeks to lure our financial institutions out of London – an empty threat.

Control over our law. Not Sharia, not EU, not NATO, but British law. The precedent is already set and we see the danger, whether Sharia divorce courts in parts of Britain, EU fishing quotas, NATO troop movements. We can’t compromise on this and serve many masters: one rule for all in Britain.

Control over our economy. This is primary, the foundation on which everything else rests. Health and education are therefore secondary.

An economy is about importing as well as exporting. It’s about manufacturing industry and service industry. It’s about a balanced energy supply to service the needs of industry and of consumers. It’s about prioritising what we need to be self reliant in.

Control of our language. English is the international language of trade, of industry, of diplomacy. It is even the chief means of communication within the EU, despite Juncker’s drunken efforts to the contrary. But it is the only national language of Britain, and we don’t always treat it with the respect it deserves. This is not about “text speak”, but about the cultural significance of language in binding people together.

To speak and communicate effectively in English should be a requirement for all here, not least those in a professional capacity where one wrong word or number can mean great danger.

Brexit should be a massive opportunity for us. But we must change too. There needs to be a move from opposition mentality to government mentality. The working class must take control.