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London bombings

Statement from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Britain Marxist Leninist

The barbaric bombing of Londoners on Thursday July 7th is to be utterly condemned, without reservation. This massacre of British workers, deliberately timed to kill and maim people travelling to work on tubes and buses, succeeded insofar as many died and were injured. But the brilliant skills, creativity, indomitable spirit and rationality of British workers displayed in London on the day, and since, give the lie to the inhuman fascists who carried out, or connived in, these acts, wishing to push us into a dark age of unreason and fear.

They will try to blame their inhumanity on others. But terrorists are responsible for their crimes and we must hold them to account. There can be no excuses given. All workers must assist to unmask these mass murderers. 

The state in its increasing corporatism will attempt to use this atrocity to impose further controls on our lives, in the name of protecting us against terrorism. But the only defence against terrorism is the working class itself. Terrorists are tiny in number: we are millions. We have the power to make it impossible for them to operate in Britain, and this must be the responsibility of every one of us.

9 July 2005