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Maintain steelmaking in Britain

CPBM-L online editorial on 8 April 2016 after Tata Steel’s announcement of the sale of its British business.

We must maintain steelmaking in Britain. The whole of our class and nation must bring strong immediate pressure to bear on our negligent, quisling government.

The steel industry is strategically important to the British economy and the foundation of many of our most important manufacturing supply chains including aerospace, automotive, defence, and construction. Every part of modern life uses steel. If we can’t produce sufficient steel locally, then it will have a devastating effect on aspects of our manufacturing supply chains.

In the present crisis produced by Tata Steel’s attempt to sell our national assets, pressure must be maintained to achieve and ensure a proper sale. If one can’t be arranged, then government must set aside its prejudices, reject the EU’s proscriptions on nationalisation moves and provide direct financial support and control to preserve our steelmaking capacity.

Also the British government must curtail even stop Chinese dumping of under-priced steel in our economy while determining that all major procurement projects (such as at rail and airports) use British steel.

We must be serious about our ability to survive as a nation and provide a future for our people. Maintain British steel, leave the EU.

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