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No guarantees on Tata Steel

17 July 2024

The new government has given no guarantees on the future of Tata Steel in Port Talbot. Trade unions had hopes of a positive outcome after the election, but still face job losses.

Steel – fight for Port Talbot jobs

30 May 2024

The fight for the future of Britain’s steel industry is focused on Port Talbot. Workers are threatening to strike over Tata’s rejection of their alternative plans to retain jobs and integrated production.

Steel industry – green threat

7 November 2023

British Steel wants to close down the blast furnaces at its Scunthorpe plant. This threatens the jobs of 2,000 skilled workers and the future of the industry.

Campaign for the future of steel

28 September 2023

Unite has launched a campaign to highlight the decline in Britain’s steel industry, with a plan for its future, including the demand that public contracts are obliged to use British steel.

Government again fails to put British steel jobs first

13 January 2023

Up to 440 British steel jobs are at risk as the government fails to exploit the opportunities presented by Brexit, fails to deal with massive increase in energy costs to industry, and betrays Britain’s steel workers.

Cumbria coal mine goes ahead

9 December 2022

The government has finally given the go-ahead for a coal mine in Cumbria which provide high-grade coal for steelmaking. It needs to stick with the decision.

Coal still needed in Wales

12 November 2021

The Welsh government is trying to close Aberpergwm colliery, the only anthracite mine in Europe. Its "net zero" dogma also puts the Port Talbot steel plant at risk.

Deep mining again in Cumbria

17 January 2021

The first new deep coalmine in Britain for over 30 years will go ahead in Cumbria. It will supplying coking coal for steelmaking.

Chinese set to seal British Steel takeover

5 March 2020

Chinese firm Jingye Group has confirmed plans take over British Steel at a price of £70 million, and to invest more than £1 billion in the company, which collapsed in May last year. 

British Steel must be saved

28 May 2019

The collapse of British Steel will be disastrous for its 5,000 workers and 20,000 others in the supply chain and it will damage British industry too.

Fears hyped over US steel tariffs

8 June 2018

Remain-backing MP Stephen Kinnock is trying to use new US steel tarrifs to damage Brexit – but the real danger to Britain’s steel comes from Brussels.