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Politics and survival

By the time you read this, the election will probably have morphed into a grand negotiation about a coalition. This they call politics. But you can be sure millions will still be on zero hours contracts, Britain will still be in the EU, the NHS will still be being dismantled – make your own list. Nothing will have changed.

Britain needs change, but that will have to come from the working class. What do we call politics? Surely not the parliamentary charade. Or are we so hung up on “issues” – from so-called gender politics to the mirage of equality under capitalism – that we ignore what is happening before our eyes? Britain is being asset-stripped, gutted, our future mortgaged to the banks. Do we want to become a zero nation: zero hours, zero jobs, zero security?

Our task is to understand as a class, politically, that either we take control of Britain or we go under, becoming a husk of a country, controlled from abroad and run by exploiters for exploiters.