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RMT train operating members still in dispute

14 March 2023

RMT rail workers on strike 16 December 2022, outside Manchester Victoria Station. Photo Workers.

RMT members employed by the 14 train operators contracted to run services for the Department for Transport are continuing their long running dispute over pay and conditions.

They will take further strike action on 16 and 18 March, and again on 30 March and 1 April.


The union has rejected the current offer from the employers. It would include drastic cuts to pay rates for station staff. That is not acceptable to RMT even though existing staff would have some pay protection for 5 years.

‘The offer would remove hard won conditions.’

The pay offer is also dependent on the union accepting removal of many hard won conditions that have until now been successfully defended since rail privatisation. This includes the closure of most ticket offices.

The rejected offer would mean accepting new contracts for station staff and guards. Sick pay and leave arrangements would be worse. And it would demand much greater flexibility for station staff both in terms of duties and place of work. There is no financial compensation for those changes.