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Boom in factory output

11 January 2018

Manufacturing is growing more quickly than at any time in the past seven years, official figures suggest.

Manufacturing future for Northern Powerhouse

26 September 2017

The vote to leave the EU induced a frenzy of pessimistic forecasts about the future for production in Britain. Such negativity seems to be confounded by what’s happening on the ground, as shown by recent news from Yorkshire.

Who says we're post industrial?

19 March 2017

A Westminster meeting showed that throwing off the shackles of the EU has created an exhilarating climate in which all kinds of people are re-imagining an industrial Britain.

Government abandons steel

26 February 2016

Business Secretary Sajid Javid told a manufacturing conference this week that public funds wouldn't be used to rescue steel. He didn’t add that EU rules would prohibit it. 

A strike worth remembering

26 February 2016

The historian and novelist John Tully tells the story of a forgotten strike of 1889. This book brings the struggle of those workers back to life and gives an insight into how our class developed into an organised labour movement.

No advance without Marxism

13 February 2016

Political statement from the Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Leninist, 17th Congress, London, November 2015. There can be no advance without Marxism, because Marx showed that only the eventual victory of the exploited class, the working class, represents a real future. Capitalism means only destruction and war.  Here in Britain, we need our own unique vision of a working class future in order to fight and win in the present.

Concorde: engineering marvel

13 February 2016

Concorde was a great British engineering achievement. This book tells the story and explains the significance of Concorde for British engineering against the backgound of industrial decline.

Unity as steel centres fight for survival

8 February 2016

Britain’s key specialist steel centres, such as Forgemasters in Sheffield, are fighting for survival with an alliance not only of trade unions and communities but now major employers.

The downward march of the makers

12 October 2015

New figures from the Office for National Statistics show that production and manufacturing output  in three months to August 2015 were 9.4 and 6.5 per cent, respectively, below the levels reached in the first quarter of 2008.

Who needs the private sector?

7 February 2015

A fascinating book studies the respective roles of the state and private enterprise in innovation. It challenges the false image that businesses are an innovative force while the state is not, and shows the opposite is closer to the truth.

Six calls to action

The Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Leninist held its 16th Congress in late 2012, a coming together of the Party to consider the state of Britain and what needs to happen in the future. Here we set out briefly six Calls to Action for the British working class.