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Six calls to action

Our country is under attack. Every single institution is in decline. The only growth is in unemployment, poverty and war. There is a crisis – of thought, and of deed. The Communist Party of Britain Marxist-Leninist held its 16th Congress in late 2012, a coming together of the Party to consider the state of Britain and what needs to happen in the future. Here we set out briefly six Calls to Action for the British working class – for a deeper explanation, see here.

1. Out of the European Union, enemy to our survival

The European Union represents the dictatorship of finance capital, foreign domination. The British working class must declare our intention to leave the EU.

2. No to the breakup of Britain, defend our national sovereignty

Devolution, and now the threats of separation and regionalism, are all products of only one thing: de-industrialisation. 

3. Rebuild workplace trade union organisation
Unions exist as working members in real workplaces or they become something else entirely – something wholly negative.

4. Fight for pay, vital class battleground

The fight for pay is central to our survival as a class, and should be put back on the agenda of our trade unions.

5. Regenerate industry, key to an independent future

The regeneration of industry in Britain is essential to the future of our nation. Our grand-parents, and theirs, knew this. We must now reassert it at the centre of class thinking.

6. Build the Party
The task of the Party is singular: to change the ideology of the British working class in order that they make revolution here.