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Yes to Britain, no to the EU

This Party is for the union of England, Scotland and Wales in Britain. We are against separatism, because for a part of the British working class to leave Britain is not independence but secession, splitting. We are for Britain’s unity. We are also for Ireland’s unity.

The SNP and others talk of four nations – but to call Northern Ireland a separate nation is not only ludicrous, it is to call for Ireland also to be split forever.

Sturgeon, the Scottish Thatcher, proposes that England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, not Britain as a whole, would each have to vote to leave the EU for it to happen. Unless all four voted to leave we would stay in. So each one would have a veto on our leaving.

So on Sturgeon’s proposal if the 1.6 million people in Northern Ireland voted by a majority of one to stay in the EU, and everybody in Britain voted to leave, we would stay in!

One-way street

Yet Sturgeon calls this a democratic protection of the will of the Scottish people. But this concern for democracy is a one-way street. Sturgeon did not propose that unless all four voted to stay in the EU, we leave. That is, she did not propose that each one should have a veto on staying in.

So if people in Scotland voted to leave the EU and everyone else voted to stay in, we would stay in! This proves that the SNP’s priority is the EU not the will of the Scottish people. Sturgeon said in 1995, “Europe is our flagship policy.” Not independence, note – Europe.

A recent survey by a team from Edinburgh University found that two-thirds of the British people reject the SNP proposal and believe that the majority should decide whether we leave the EU, with no minority vetoes. We must unite our country on class lines, not split it on “national” lines. Unity is strength.

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