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'Trusted' Khan breaks key election pledge

10 June 2016

A poll found London Mayor Sadiq Khan trusted to make accurate claims about the EU than any other politician. That may change now he has broken his election pledge to freeze fares.

NATO’s Polish war games

9 June 2016

In a blatant show of aggression on the Russian border, NATO and friends are staging in Poland what are described as the largest military exercises in decades.

Paris rally shows support for Brexit

7 June 2016

An internationalist rally in Paris heard trade unionists and students from France, Germany, Italy, Greece and Belgium express their support for Britain leaving the European Union.

Plan for the future

7 June 2016

Across the country people are talking about the referendum and the future of Britain. Here’s what was said at a community meeting in north London.

Rail company declares war on staff

4 June 2016

Britain’s biggest rail franchise company, Govia Thameslink Railway, has launched an all-out war on its staff. Now the High Court has entered the fray, barring drivers’ union ASLEF from taking industrial action.

Action spreads in universities

31 May 2016

University academic staff in the University and College Union began their campaign of industrial action with two-day strike on 25 and 26 May. More action will follow.

CalMac to remain in public ownership

29 May 2016

Operation of the Clyde and Hebrides Ferry Services is to remain in public ownership for at least the next eight years. This victory follows an RMT campaign against a possible takeover by Serco.

Unions say leave

20 May 2016

Three unions, RMT, Aslef and BAFWU have issued a joint statement explaining that they back Brexit because the EU acts against the interests of workers.

Coal free

16 May 2016

On 10 May 2016 no electricity was generated by burning coal in Britain. The previous day the National Grid had to issue a crisis call for additional generation to avoid power cuts. Deliberately taking out one source of power is reckless when Britain's energy supply is uncertain.

Cancer unit closure blocked

5 May 2016

Trade union Unison has managed to put the closure of a major cancer unit on hold – keeping, for the time being, a vital treatment centre run which serves over a million people.

EU: Why do Cameron's bidding?

4 May 2016

The CPBML’s London May Day rally heard a blistering attack on the European Union, and powerful arguments for leaving.

Doctors united

2 May 2016

The dispute over the junior hospital doctors’ contract has escalated further, with well supported strikes on 26 and 27 April. All health secretary Jeremy Hunt managed was an ill-advised attempt to paint doctors as the aggressors.

Southern Railway strike over safety

27 April 2016

RMT members on Southern Railway have concluded a successful 24-hour strike over driver-only operation, forcing the employer back to the negotiating table.

Network Rail: sleight of hand

25 April 2016

The government is revaluing Network Rail’s balance sheet in a transparent attempt to shore up its own crumbling accounts.

EU: no answer to unemployment

15 April 2016

Unemployment is endemic to capitalism and to all capitalist states. It remains high within the EU; remaining in will not change that.