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Dulwich gallery strike wins agreement on first day

15 March 2015

Front-of-house staff at Dulwich Picture Gallery, south London, are back at work after a week-long strike begun on the morning of Friday 13 March ended with a draft settlement by the end of the first day out.

Ukraine: the real violators

10 March 2015

Who is demonstrably violating the Minsk peace agreement? Prime Minister David Cameron for one. The US government for another.

EU turns the screws on Greece

10 March 2015

Sensing weakness, the European Union is now demanding that hundreds of "troika" officials go into Greece’s ministries to examine the accounts.

Northampton goes for 'big bang' privatisation

7 March 2015

Conservative-run Northamptonshire County Council is planning to outsource all its services in one go, reducing its workforce from 4,000 to a rump of 150 staff who will simply commission services.

Anniversary of the end of the miners' strike

7 March 2015

3 March 2015 saw the 30th anniversary of the return to work of miners involved in the year long-strike in 1984 and 1985 against pit closures and job losses. Today only a handful of pits remain.

Greenwich ordered to scrap council newspaper

6 March 2015

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has become the first local authority in Britain to have notice served by the government requiring it to close down the weekly free council newspaper to local citizens.

Gallery board digs itself deeper into hole

27 February 2015

​Staff are continuing to fight for jobs at the National Gallery, with a new director due to take up his/her position next week and expected to implement the outsourcing policies of the previous director.

The NHS - for sale all over Europe

22 February 2015

THE NHS in England is now advertising across the private sector in the European Union to sell off the “back office” or administrative functions of GP practices.

Behind the scandal of tax avoidance

22 February 2015

Tax avoidance has been much in the news. That it happens is no surprise to workers – but the extent to which it is engrained in our economic system might be.

EU tries again on trade deal

22 February 2015

A worried EU Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström paid a visit to London on 16 February. The successful signing off of TTIP is a priority for Malmström’s boss, EU president Jean-Claude Juncker, but he has handed her a poisoned chalice.

‘Fair pay’ fortnight launched.

18 February 2015

The TUC’s “Fair Pay Fortnight” runs from 16 February to 1 March, supposedly a time for Britain’s trade unions to campaign over Britain’s depressed wage rates. But it seems a muted campaign.

US, NATO stoke the flames of open war over Ukraine

8 February 2015

The drums of war are beating again as the US attempts to maintain its aggressive attitude to Russia. While peace talks brokered by France, Germany and Russia are taking place, the US and NATO are moving to a war footing.

Cypriot workers fight aftermath of EU-ordained closure

8 February 2015

Unions in Cyprus are still fighting the aftermath of the shutdown of the national air carrier, Cyprus Airways. An EU ruling that financial help given by the Cyprus government was illegal state aid effectively shut it down in January, with the loss of 560 jobs

National Gallery: fighting on

7 February 2015

National Gallery workers were on strike for five days against privatisation proposals. They are part of a wider fight to defend Britain’s cultural heritage.

Health workers to ballot on pay offer

7 February 2015

Unions in the NHS are balloting their members on the pay offer that their industrial action has extracted from a reluctant government. But no one on the union side is claiming victory.

Troika abandoned as EU seeks a way out

3 February 2015

In a graphic illustration of the weakness of the European Union after the Greek election, Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has signalled his willingness to end the rule of the “troika”.

ITV unions set for pay battle

26 January 2015

Union members at ITV have agreed to reject the company’s 2 per cent pay offer for 2015 and will move to a ballot for strike action unless the offer is substantially improved.

Theatre workers surveyed on pay

26 January 2015

Workers at more than 200 theatre venues across Britain are taking part in a pay survey for 2015. The initiativeis part of the entertainment and media union BECTU’s preparation for upcoming talks with theatre employers.

Executive pay: All in it together?

25 January 2015

German executive pay has outstripped the level in Britain for the first time. But British directors are doing their best to catch up – to the detriment of the country’s largest companies and their workers.

Brussels in retreat after TTIP consultation

22 January 2015

Last week Brussels finally released the devastating results of its online consultation on investor-to-state dispute settlement in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement – and is now struggling to maintain its position.

Unions in crisis meeting over oil prices

17 January 2015

Unions and the offshore body Oil and Gas UK held talks about the future of the industry in Aberdeen on Friday, at the end of a grim week for the industry and those who work in it.