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Nurses plan to escalate action

22 February 2023

Nurses in England were called on by the RCN to take national strike action for the first time. This is paused for last minute talks with the government.

Nurses blow away the government fig leaf

17 December 2022

Nurses held a national pay strike on 15 December, the first ever in the history of the Royal College of Nursing, with another to follow on the 20th. So far the government is avoiding meaningful negotiations.

Nurses to strike – a big step

8 December 2022

Nurses are about to take strike action for better pay. This is a significant step and the first time the Royal College of Nursing has called a national strike.

Nurses: a call to arms

9 October 2022

Nurses are considering industrial action on pay. It is time for those of us outside the NHS to stop clapping and hear the call to arms.

Swiss to vote on nursing self-sufficiency

27 October 2021

The Swiss Nurses’ Association, backed by doctors and patients’ organisations and the country’s trade union confederation, has forced a national referendum on nurse training and pay and conditions.

Nurses: stop the poaching!

20 May 2021

In the midst of a global pandemic, what is a country like Britain doing importing nurses from India, itself in desperate need of medical staff? 

Scrap student nursing fees, say unions

5 June 2020

Student nurses and midwives stepped up when they were needed. Their unions are calling for an end to their tuition fees. This will remove barriers to new students created in 2017 by cuts in financial support.

Nurses: time to take charge

6 August 2017

There is certainly a nurse staff crisis in the NHS but it is not Brexit-induced – says one of the staffing agencies which are making a tidy fortune from the crisis.

Health bursaries campaign goes national

10 January 2016

The campaign against the attack on health students’ bursaries moved up a gear on Saturday 9 January with the first national demonstration. Students travelled from all over England to assemble in London.

India's loss

Before Theresa May added nursing to the shortage occupation list the Indian Health Ministry was expecting to gain from the implementation of her previous immigration rules which had been due to take effect on 6 April 2016.