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Doctors show the way

27 November 2015

Junior doctors have forced health secretary Jeremy Hunt to go to Acas without precondition, which he said could not happen. The threat of industrial action starting on 1 December still stands, although withdrawal of labour is very difficult for junior doctors.

Capitalism: leading to an early grave

23 November 2015

A book by eminent researcher Sir Michael Marmot shows that people at relative social disadvantage suffer worse health and live shorter lives and gives evidence about how that can be prevented. 

Hunt misses every target

15 November 2015

The NHS in England continues to miss many key targets, such as those for emergency responses and cancer care. A&E departments face a “perfect storm” this winter.

OECD indicators indict Britain's health spending

9 November 2015

The latest indictment of Britain’s spending on health has come from a formidable source – the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the club of leading capitalist countries.

Junior doctors move to ballot

23 October 2015

After successful demonstrations on 17 October in London, Nottingham and Belfast against the new junior doctors’ contract, the BMA has announced that ballot papers will go out to its members in early November. 

Junior doctors in revolt over proposed contracts

29 September 2015

Junior doctors flooded Westminster in their thousands last night (Tuesday) to protest against planned changes to their contracts as the British Medical Association ballots members on industrial action.

Get real! Doctors will need to turn 7-day anger into action

16 August 2015

Last month health secretary Jeremy Hunt told doctors to “get real” over the need for “proper seven-day service” in the NHS. Whether those two small words were a deliberate attempt to antagonise, there is no question about the mood of doctors.

Cancer care in Britain needs improving

3 April 2015

Britain lags behind in cancer treatment according to Macmillan Cancer Support. NHS England and the Department of Heath suggest progress is being made, but their claims don’t stand up to scrutiny.

Joint fight to stop huge NHS privatisation

30 March 2015

Three unions are combining to challenge the way NHS England is trying to hand a contract worth over £1 billion for primary care support services over to the private sector.

Health workers to ballot on pay offer

7 February 2015

Unions in the NHS are balloting their members on the pay offer that their industrial action has extracted from a reluctant government. But no one on the union side is claiming victory.

NHS staff in second walkout

24 November 2014

Health workers throughout England walked out on strike this morning (24 November) for four hours in their long-running dispute over pay. The action followed a similar walkout on 13 November.

Midwife anger over private ads

15 October 2014

Adverts for private care displayed at maternity units are outraging midwives. On the picket line at an east London hospital, one midwife explained why.

Midwives to take historic action

30 September 2014

Midwives and maternity support workers will walk out on Monday 13 October after the government overruled the Independent Pay Review Board’s recommendation for a 1 per cent rise.