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Gold: Barclays sells 'secret' vault

26 June 2016

The recent sale of the Barclays “secret” gold and precious metals vault, allegedly somewhere inside the M25, to the Chinese bank ICBC  highlights the murky role of British banking interests. 

Accounting for money in the Soviet Union

During Socialist transition some workers were in more mechanised workplaces than others, some less rationally organised or working with less up to date equipment etc. So the same product(s) produced from different locations could not at this time be directly exchanged with other products solely on the basis of the number of hours worked.

Bolshevik finance

How to run industry and finance without capitalism was one of the things the Bolsheviks learned how to do in the Soviet Union after the October Revolution – and we can learn something from studying how they did it.

Who needs the private sector?

7 February 2015

A fascinating book studies the respective roles of the state and private enterprise in innovation. It challenges the false image that businesses are an innovative force while the state is not, and shows the opposite is closer to the truth.