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Book Reviews

Welcome to the zombie economy

16 March 2015

A new book exposes the devastating impact of austerity across society, though it places too much faith in restoring the lost world of social democracy.

Private sector myths

Professor Mariana Mazzucato has made a fascinating study of the roles of the state and private enterprise in innovation. Her book challenges the false image that business is innovative while the state is full of inertia.

Who needs the private sector?

7 February 2015

A fascinating book studies the respective roles of the state and private enterprise in innovation. It challenges the false image that businesses are an innovative force while the state is not, and shows the opposite is closer to the truth.

A dangerous idea

This book from a professor of international political economy recounts the intellectual and practical history of austerity and judges it a dangerous disaster. The author shows that austerity does not work as advertised. It does not reduce debt and does not promote growth; instead budgets are cut, economies shrink.